It feels foolish to love a nation that despises you in return

From the Derek Chauvin trial to the killing of Daunte Wright, it is a hard time to be an African American patriot.

My father used to read an entire Perry Mason book every day; Perry Mason is a fictional American criminal defense attorney authored by Erle Stanley Gardner. The series…

How a past of institutional deception and mistruths has resulted in a shared distrust of healthcare in Black communities.

On the 8th of April, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, declared racism a “serious public health threat”.

Referencing the unequal number of COVID-19 deaths in the Black community as opposed to others, the director of the CDC attributed the adverse health outcomes to structural racism. …

Romney, one of 7 GOP senators to vote to impeach Trump, booed at Utah GOP Convention: “A Stone Cold Loser”.

To be a Republican of Today

Former GOP presidential nominee, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), was booed by Utah Republicans at the state Republican Convention this past Saturday.

Video from the speech showed guests cheering and booing after Romney asked how they felt about President Biden’s actions in his first 100 days in office. …

Cariol Horne was fired after intervening in an incident where her white colleague held a black man in a chokehold.

Buffalo, NY former police officer, Cariol Horne, recently received justice after a 15-year fight to reverse her termination.

Horne, then aged 53, was fired in 2006 after she attempted to prevent her colleague Gregory Kwiatkowski from continuing a chokehold on a suspect, Neal Mack.

According to court correspondence, Horne removed…

Thank you for the piece! We are grieving as nation for Wright's family. The media loves to remind us that it is a small minority of cops that are "bad"; what they are forgetting is that one bad apple spoils the bunch!

The distrust of police will take decades, maybe even centuries, to rebuild - and that is only if they started police reform and not one more single murder was committed starting today.

Chidi Michaels

Just a random college student with quite a few opinions and a fervent need to unleash them.

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